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The Full Story

Lily’s Cocina food truck was started in 2016 by husband and wife, Sergio and Priscilla Rodriguez.  Sergio was born to a Denver family in the restaurant business.  From the young age of 7 Sergio began to help in the kitchen of the restaurant.  While his cousins and friends were playing outside, he preferred helping in the kitchen.  Through generations of recipes and experience, Sergio learned the joys of cooking.  The preparation of a meal was an intensive and time-consuming process that is lost in today’s hectic and busy schedules.  However, it is from these experiences that his passion for cooking was born and now he would like to share his traditions with you and your family and friends.

Though Priscilla had no restaurant working knowledge, she brought her marketing and accounting experience to the table.  Priscilla handles all bookkeeping, advertising, social media sites, community and customer relations, as well as handles the event calendar.  Priscilla has grown to love the food industry and learning from her husband.  The two together have worked extremely hard within their business and have been rocking worlds and making waves since they opened.

Why a food truck?  A food truck gave them the opportunity to get up close and personal with their guests.  Meeting and greeting customers and folks from the community was their goal.  “It’s amazing to be able to have a conversation with the person you are cooking for and get to know them on a personal level,” said Sergio.   Their intention was to grow, but always preserve the one-on-one experience with their customers.

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